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Families living in urban India and Nepal.


Litres of kerosene burnt annually by these families.


Pollution related deaths in these communities.


Tonnes of CO2 emitted every year from the burning of kerosene in urban India and Nepal.

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51 million families in India and Nepal rely on kerosene to cook, clean, and light their homes.

Kerosene is currently the answer but it does not have to be. 

Renewables provide cheaper, healthier and more sustainable household energy alternatives but they remain just out of reach. The renewable energy market in India faces a problem of access. 

We want to help these families and reduce CO2 emissions and we know how to do it.

Why this app exists: About Us


Our answer comes in the form of Last Mile Distributors (LMDs), groups that sell solar lights and other products to the world’s most neglected communities.

Our app is the bridge between these distributors and their customers. 

SolarMate helps LMDs automate their distribution pipelines and management systems. This automation helps them scale the access of renewable energy products, phasing out kerosene. By phasing out kerosene, SolarMate saves customers' money, reduces premature pollution related deaths, and curtails CO2 levels produced from the burning of toxic fuels.


20 billion litres of kerosene is used in India and Nepal every year.

If you are living in an urban slum in Mumbai India your family will make around $3.20 a day. Everyday you go to the market to buy Kerosene, which takes up 20% of your yearly income. Why? Because when the sun sets your home is in darkness. 

You use kerosene to light your home, to cook dinner, to clean dishes. You use kerosene so you can see your partner's face when they arrive home from work, so your children can do their homework and have a brighter future than yours. 

You use kerosene, an aggressively toxic pollutant, even though indoor air pollution is one of the leading causes of disease and premature death in India.

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200 LMDs across the globe working to break the energy poverty barrier.

200 Last Mile Distributors across 50 countries in the form of the Global Distributors Collective are working all over the world to break the energy poverty barrier. These distributors have taken amazing strides to sell their products but kerosene remains the main source of energy for millions globally as families are still unaware that cheaper and healthier options exist. 

These distributors cannot inherently scale. The management systems and operational structure they use is heavily dependent on manual effort. Improving these problems requires employees to have a minimum level of technical experience, which is limited by the demographic constraints of a typical employee; an individual with poor literacy levels and limited technology skills.

They can only reach a small portion of the 1 billion people living in poverty who rely on kerosene to survive.



SolarMate is used to help Last Mile Distributors scale.

Distributors need our app to grow their network and reach the remaining 88% of the 1 billion people who live without access to electricity. 

SolarMate enables the automation of sales tracking and management directly into Salesforce, removing manual operational process and lowering the technical barrier to entry for sales agents.

With this technology Last Mile Distributors all around the world can employ more sales agents and focus on getting clean, affordable energy into the hands of those most in need now

Together we can use technology to break the energy poverty barrier.

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